Some questions about our hosting web

Where servers are located?

In Spain and Germany. In Spain in our datacenter in Madrid, MAD2-Interxion, one of the best data centers in Spain. In Germany in Interoute. In both cases our connectivity have direct peering with with Google and Facebook that improve the SEO of your webpage.

How much bandwidth do I have?

We are connected with 10 Gbps lines and the total bandwidth depends of your hosting plan.

How about your hardware?

Your webpage its located in SSD drives with RAID10 security. Your webpage its allocated in a webhosting cluster runs Debian GNU/Linux and data replicated.

How about backups?

We make daily backups of our infrastructure. You need have your personal copy

How about the software?

We runs Debian 8.x 64 bits with Virtualmin GPL Panel. MySQL Server, PHP and Apache or Nginx web server.
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